My dislike of running is so strong I was a power hitter in softball to avoid having to run fast around the bases

I worked at a summer camp in college and was part of the cooking program however I am not anyone who should teach others how to cook and less there’s a crockpot involved

I had a speech impediment and was picked on as a child but never even considered being quiet and I’m still making a living by talking to this day

Fun Facts

Hello! I’m Shelley Hoffman, the founder of Heart, Home, and Community. I moved to Baldwinsville, NY over eleven years ago. I soon realized what a special place it is and began growing family roots of my own here. In the decade since moving here, I became an active resident, local business owner, and enthusiastic volunteer in many organizations. In the last 3 years, I have put heavy emphasis on community and business development in the Baldwinsville area. In 2019 I was nominated as Business Person of the year in the community.



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